Luca was born and raised in Molise, in South-central Italy. He grew up in a large family with limited resources. As a result, he enjoyed the simple and rustic foods that his mother prepared. He also feasted upon the many local delicacies that were cultivated and grew in the wild in his native farming town, which included tomatoes, wild asparagus, peppers, figs, olives and apples. When Luca left his family home, he spent time in various parts of Italy and London before arriving in the United States. 

He worked around the country in restaurants in Chicago, Las Vegas and South Florida. He moved to California in 2008 and immediately embraced Berkeley's "food culture". His passion for cooking led him to open his restaurant, Luca Cucina Italiana in January 2011. Luca's inspiration is simple food prepared with fresh ingredients. He is excited to serve you and hopes your taste buds will be satisfied.